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KMID : 0352319870100000665
Journal of KyungHee Oriental Medicine College
1987 Volume.10 No. 0 p.665 ~ p.687
Clinical Analysis of Occlussive Cerebrovasular Disease
/Bae, Cheol Hwan
//////Cho, Ki Ho/Lee, Won Cheol/Kim, Young Seuk/Bae, Hyung Sup/Lee, Kyung Sup/Koo, Bon Hong
The author analyzed 300 cases of occlusive cerebrovascular disease confirmed by brain CT scan, who admitted to the Oriental Medical Hospital in Kyung Hee University from January 1986 to December 1986. Weve analyzed these 300 cases in clinical point of view.
The following results are obtained.
1. The site of occlusive CVD was most common at MCA.
2. The ratio of male to female was 1.31:1. In the age distribution, 50th decade, 60th decade, over 70th decade were in order of frequency and over 50th decade was 84.7%.
3. The side of predilection was left hemisphere (1.37:1).
4. The most common preceding disease of occlusive CVD was hypertension (50.3%) and the next were diabetes mellitus (12.0%), heart disease (5.7%).
5. Recurrence rate was 24.0% and occlusive CVD were initiated usually during sleeping and resting (55.0%).
6. In classification of human corporal constitution, Taeumin were 50.3%, Soeumin 27.7%, Soyangin 21.7%, Taeyangin 0.3%.
7. Level of consciousness on attack was almost clear (93.7%) and the common symptoms of occlusive CVD were motor disturbance (94.0%), verbal disturbance (78.3%), headache (23.7%), dizziness (15.3%) nausea or vomiting (9.3%).
8. The main complication of occlusive CVD were observed in the studies; urinary tract infection was noted in 3.0%, bed sore in 1.7%, pneumonia in 1.7%, keratitis in 1.0%.
9. The physical theraphy of occlusive CVD has been performed 65.0% in whole group and the average beginning time was 13.2 days.
10. The degree of recovery after 1 month on attack was good in 53.7%, fair in 27.7%, bad in 17.7% and expire in 1.0%.
11. The main prescriptions were Cheongpaesagantang, Seonghyangjeonggisan, Yanggyeoksanhwatang, Gamicheongsimtang, Cheongsimyeonjatang.
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