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Korean Journal ofAcupuncture
2009 Volume.26 No. 4 p.119 ~ p.133
Theory Study and Work of Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture
Sim Sung-Heum

Kam Cheol-Woo
Kim Jin-Young
Baek Sang-In
Lee Byung-Gwon
Son Ho-Young
Objectives : The object of this study is to report on the theory of Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture Therapy.

Methods : The theory of Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture Therapy(OHAT; ) is a part of the Five Elements Theory unique to Korea. This research Classic of Difficulty Issues-Nan Jing review Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture Therapy.

Results : OHAT, created and developed by Jae-hoon Song, integrates the victor-vanquished as well as the son-mother relationship of the Five Elements of breakdown and restoration of balance between yin and yang. And also, it provides resources and data on The seventy fifth Nan(75), The sixty ninth Nan(69) of Classic of Difficulty Issues - Nan Jin 75, 69. OHAT establishes objectiveness and accuracy of diagnosis based upon the traditional method and procedure of pulse taking. In OHAT, a persons state of illness is diagnosed by applying the comparative examination of the palpitation of the pulse. It is the fact that the pulse varies according to the state, and that OHAT treatment has proven the positive results by using the victor-vanquished relationship on The Nan Jin 75. On the basis of this, it is necessary to add the sixty ninth Nan(69), to research the theory of the generation of the Five Element.

Conclusions : Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture is very effective in treating the wide range of illness, and thus it has gained an increasing attention of many scholars and practitioners in the field of traditional Korean oriental medicine. However, it is the first theoretical attempt to the clinical research and scientific methodology of Ohaeng(Five) Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture, and more active Ohaeng-Hwa Acupuncture R&D is being conducted nationwide.
Ohaeng-Hwa acupuncture(), Ohaeng-acupuncture(), The seventy fifth Nan(75), The sixty ninth Nan(69), The comparative examination of the palpitation of the pulse()
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