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Korean Journal ofAcupuncture
2010 Volume.27 No. 1 p.159 ~ p.168
The Distinctive Feature of Acupuncture Treatment in ZhangJinYoPian()
Oh Jun-Ho

Objective: ZhangJinYoPian(, ZJYP) is a book witten by Song-WooGe in the late 19th century. While Korea has lost this book to tell us Korea traditional acupuncture treatment in the late 19th century, This book appeared as a manuscript in Japan. There is no reaserch or study carried out for this book. Furthermore, a few people know existence of this book. So I analyzed acupuncture treatment of the ZJYP and sort out the distinctive feature of it.

Method: For that, I studied bibliographic information of this book and classified contents of it into three parts - medical thought, needle manipulation and acupoint selection to consider its caracteristics.

Results and Conclusions: 1. The author of ZJYP thought that weakness of good power in the body and strongness of evil power out of the body cause a disease. so Doctor should examine quality of both to care patients pain. 2. The author of ZJYP thought that needle manipulation is one of the most important thing. Doctors can use needle manipulation to control patient condition. Especially, he suggested cooling and heating manipulation except reinforcement and reduction. 3. He stressed viscera and bowels. he located viscera and bowels theory in front of the book to explain relationship of these. It shows us that ZJYP maintained academic characteristics of acupuncture in Chosun-Korea. 4. While He minimized the number of acupoints used in treatment, he multiplied its combination. He selected one or two acupoints from each meridian pathway. It include Eight Confluent points(). But these points were used in different ways to control the viscera and bowels, not to care the eight extra meridians.
ZhangJinYoPian(), confluence points of the eight vessels()
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